Source code for bionetgen.simulator.simulators

from .librrsimulator import libRRSimulator
from .csimulator import CSimulator

[docs]def sim_getter(model_file=None, model_str=None, sim_type="libRR"): """ Convenience function to get a simulator object of a specific type. Allows you to pull a simulator object given a model file path. Note: This likely needs to be refactored but for now it works. Parameters ---------- model_file : str, optional The path to the model file, at the moment only BNGL is expected but this can change in the future. model_str : str, optional Instead of the path to the model you can also supply the model string instead. sim_type : str, optional The name of the type of simulator object to get. At the moment only libRoadRunner type simulators are allowed. This will get updated as differenty types of simulators are added. Returns ------- BNGSimulator A simulator object with an API that's supposed to be agnostic to the underlying simulator it's running. """ if model_file is not None: if sim_type == "libRR": return libRRSimulator(model_file=model_file) elif sim_type == "cpy": return CSimulator(model_file=model_file, generate_network=True) else: print("simulator type {} not supported".format(sim_type))