Source code for bionetgen.core.defaults

import platform, os, subprocess
from cement import init_defaults
from cement.utils.version import get_version_banner
from .version import get_version

[docs]def get_latest_bng_version(): # get the version tag for the BNG version used libpath = os.path.abspath(__file__) libpath = libpath.split(os.path.sep) verpath = os.path.sep.join(libpath[:-2] + ["assets", "BNGVERSION"]) if os.path.isfile(verpath): with open(verpath) as f: tag = return tag else: return "UNKNOWN"
[docs]class BNGDefaults: def __init__(self): """ A class to define the default configuration for cement apps Attributes ---------- system : str the name of the OS that's running the app bng_name : str OS appropriate name of the BNG folder bng_path : str full absolute path to the BNG folder lib_path : str path to CLI library stdout : str the name of the subprocess attribute to pass stdout to stderr : str the name of the subprocess attribute to pass stderr to config : dict dictionary containing the application defaults banner : str app banner that gets printed when ran with -v """ # determine what bng we are using system = platform.system() if system == "Linux": bng_name = "bng-linux" elif system == "Windows": bng_name = "bng-win" elif system == "Darwin": bng_name = "bng-mac" # set attributes self.system = system self.bng_name = bng_name # configuration defaults CONFIG = init_defaults("bionetgen") lib_path = os.path.dirname(__file__) lib_path = os.path.split(lib_path)[0] CONFIG["bionetgen"]["bngpath"] = os.path.join(lib_path, bng_name) # notebook CONFIG["bionetgen"]["notebook"] = {} CONFIG["bionetgen"]["notebook"]["path"] = os.path.join( lib_path, "assets", "bionetgen.ipynb" ) CONFIG["bionetgen"]["notebook"]["template"] = os.path.join( lib_path, "assets", "bionetgen-temp.ipynb" ) CONFIG["bionetgen"]["notebook"]["name"] = "bng-notebook.ipynb" # cvode paths CONFIG["bionetgen"]["cvode_lib"] = None CONFIG["bionetgen"]["cvode_include"] = None # set attributes self.bng_path = os.path.join(lib_path, bng_name) self.lib_path = lib_path # version banner VERSION_BANNER = """BioNetGen simple command line interface {}\nBioNetGen version: {}\n{} """.format( get_version(), get_latest_bng_version(), get_version_banner() ) # set attributes self.banner = VERSION_BANNER # stdout CONFIG["bionetgen"]["stdout"] = "PIPE" CONFIG["bionetgen"]["stderr"] = "STDOUT" self.stdout = subprocess.PIPE self.stderr = subprocess.PIPE self.config = CONFIG
defaults = BNGDefaults()